Competitive Tryout Dates 2014-2015 Season

Competitive Tryout Schedule:

Two dates for each gender are listed below. Sign in starts @ 5:00 PM.  Arrive 30 min early before your age group begins.  You MUST have signed in, received your bib number and be ready to play when your session starts.  Be prepared to attend your age group and stay for the next age group if requested to do so by the evaluators.     You are required to make at least one of the sessions for your gender to be considered.  However, it is recommended you make both sessions if possible.   If you are going to be out of town (ie on vacation) for both weeks, you MUST contact the Director of Coaching Education and Player Development, David Carson  ( prior to tryouts to arrange an alternate tryout date.

Start times by age:

U-11  5:30 to 6:15

U-12/13  6:15 to 7:00

U-14/15  7:00 to 7:45

U-16 & up. – 7:45 to 8:30

Tryout dates by gender:

Monday June 2, 2014– Girls

Tuesday, June  3, 2014—Boys

Monday, June  9, 2014—Boys

Tuesday, June 10, 2014—Girls

First half of fees are due the first day of tryouts at sign up.  Bring your checkbook and be early!   The the other half is due before the first game of the season!      (NOTE: Fee amounts are determined by the age of the team you are roster-ed on.   Be prepared to pay the first half of fees according to your child’s natural age.   If your child plays up an age division, the difference will be added to your second half fee installment.)

Fee schedule is as follows:

U11&12=$120                 $60 due at tryouts

U13&14=$130                 $65 due at tryouts

U15&16=$140                 $70 due at tryout

U17&older=$150            $75 due at tryouts

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2014 Woodridge Cup Date Set

Woodridge Cup Adult Amateur Soccer Tournament

Date for the Woodridge Cup Amateur Adult Soccer Tournament has been set:

June 21 and 22

There is more information to come from your venerable event organizer JB (Jabes) Bohon so please stay tuned and tell your friends

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Schedules Spring 2014 Recreational Posted

Spring 2014 Recreational schedules are now online.

As always you can find the latest schedules posted at



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AGM Finance Report

Financial Report 2/20/2014 AGM

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2014 Spring Sign Up Information

Well its time to get ready for another season of soccer!!

Signups will take place at the Woodridge Soccer Complex Clubhouse.

Cost $55 per player

Signup Dates:
Saturday, January 18 – 9am to 2pm
Sunday, January 19 – 1pm to 4pm
Monday, January 20 – 5:30pm to 7:30pm
Tuesday, January 21 – 5:30pm to 7:30pm
Wednesday, January 22 – 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Any signups after Jan 22 will be put on a waiting list and also be charged a late fee ($60 total).

AGM and Coaches Meeting will take place at 6pm on February 20.

Season will start Saturday, March 8!!

NO GAMES on March 22/23 (Final weekend of Spring Break) and NO GAMES on Easter Sunday (April 20)

Mark your calendars NOW!! See you January 18!

If you have any questions, please call Phylisha Kimbrel at 580-491-9504 or Michael Mead at 580-304-2322.

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Games Saturday 9/28/13

Games are still on for today. If they get cancelled I will post here and on the facebook site. See everyone at the fields.

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Chevy Raffle Tickets $5

FROM : Phylisha Kimbrel – Lead Rec Commissioner
We have the Chevy Raffle Tickets to Sell.  I will have them at the fields if you want to come pick them up on Saturday or Sunday.  We ask that all competitive teams try to sell but I’m not making anyone.
PRICE:  $5 per ticket  (All proceeds go to help with field expansion)
WHAT CAN THEY WIN:  A chance to win a 2014 Chevy Travers or a 2014 Chevy Malibu (Winners Choice)
HOW MUCH CAN WE RAISE:  We have 2000 tickets so we can get up to $10,000 in donations.
HOW LONG ARE WE SELLING THEM:  Teams will be selling them from now to Nov 1st.
1.  Please come get the tickets from me :D  (Phylisha Kimbrel 580-491-9504)
2.  Please write down what tickets each player has.  When they bring them back to you have them put their name on the back of the ticket. (This way I can keep a tally of how many each person sold.)
3.  Please make sure they know the tickets are $5 (Sell for no more, no less, $5)
3.  All tickets must be turned in.  If they lose them then they will need to pay for them.  (Only give them 10 at a time to reduce the amount of lost tickets.)
4.  When your players turn the cards in to you please collect the money and then get both back to me.  If you cannot find me, please give them to Mike Mead in the Referee Shack and he will give them to me.
 The top seller will have their registration fees paid by the club next season (Recreational/NextGen or Competitive)  Please write your name on the back of each ticket you sell so I can keep track.
I’m currently working on getting donations for the top 3 sellers for a prize bag.
I would like to have a team each week set up at the complex for the month of October to help promote the tickets if at all possible.  I will be there except for the first weekend in October.
The first Year PCUnited 2000 Girl (Madison Kimbrel & Mackayla Mitchell sold the winning ticket)
So there is a chance someone in our area can win again this is a great way to promote the tickets also.
Places you can sell the tickets:  Set up at Walmart, or another location its free just have to reserve the date and how many doors.
Thank you to everyone who helps this year.  Competitive and Recreational players will be selling this year so good luck everyone.  I’ll keep a running tally on the information board at the complex with who is selling the most tickets.
Phylisha Kimbrel – Lead Rec Commissioner
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Fall 2013 Rec Schedules

10:08 AM Monday morning, schedules are posted!

  • Revision to a phone number on U9/10 Boys at 12:18PM
  • Revision to several phone numbers on all but U5 Boys at 9:47PM

Spring 2013 Rec Schedules

If any revisions are made, notification will be made here.

Enjoy your Fall soccer!

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Field Day – Friday, Aug 30

PCSI Field Commissioner, Jeremy Kimbrel, will be having a field day THIS FRIDAY, AUG 30. We hope to get started around 8am. We have competitive games starting Sept 7 so we have 3 fields to lay out before the season starts! HELP PLEASE!!

If you can assist this Friday, please give Jeremy a call at 580-491-9242 or come to the complex that morning! With just 6 people, we can get this knocked out fairly quickly!!

See you Friday!

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Late Sign Ups

Don’t Forget Late Signups are THIS Saturday August 17th from 1-3 at the club house. There is a Late Signup fee of $10 that will be added. However ask your school for a flyer that we passed out today and you will get that fee waived when you bring it to sign ups. Hope to see you this Saturday if you have any questions please let me know.

Phylisha Kimbrel (580)491-9504

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