PCSI  (Ponca City Soccer, Inc.)

PCSI promotes soccer in our community through education, training, development, and advancement of players, coaches, referees, and those who support and promote the game.

We value: Fair play; A fun and recreational environment; Leadership development; and Equal opportunities to develop potential fully: physically, emotionally, and socially.

We are an inclusive, non-discriminatory and equal opportunity organization whose growth produces nationally recognized teams, players, coaches, and referees. We are an effective and efficient association for recruiting and retaining members, coaches, referees, supporters, and sponsors.

What is “P.C. United”? 

Ponca City Soccer, Inc. has two types of soccer teams:

  • Recreational:  Teams that are comprised of Ponca City area children who play at our soccer complex against other Ponca City area children.  
  • Competitive:  Teams that are comprised of select Ponca City and surrounding area players who play against other competitive teams (club teams) from all over Oklahoma.  “P. C. United” is also referred to as a “club” team,  that is to say that “P.C. United” is the club identity of all age groups of Ponca City competitive soccer teams.

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